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Jellies & Jams
Hana Guava Jelly

A prime ingredient for an all-time favorite, guava are abundant here on our family farm.

Spread Hana Guava Jelly on a biscuit or slice of toast and give your taste buds a burst of flavor from a pale yellow fruit with a bright pink pulp. Fine flavor for your favorite sauces or dressings.

$10 / 8 ounce jar

Hana Wild Lilikoi Jelly

Passion fruit from paradise. Wild lilikoi (passion fruit), organic sugar, pectin. Exquisite flavor!

$10 / 8 ounce jar

Hana Wild (Hot) Chili Pepper Jelly

Wild Hawaiian chili peppers, organic sugar, organic apple cider vinegar and pectin. Put some pep in your step and feel the heat of the volcano in our Hana Chili Pepper Jelly. You'll stay going, braddah!

$10 / 8 ounce jar

NEW! Hana Wild Mountain Guava Jam

Wild Strawberry and Pineapple Guava.  Strawberry guava is a small wild fruit, deep red and delicious in flavor. Pineapple guava is called such because it is small and the color of pineapple.  Very fragrant and exotic. Together, they are a wonderful blend of mountain guavas.

$10 / 8 ounce jar

Hana Apple Banana Butter

Brings back delightful memories of sitting around grandma's kitchen table with a warm slice of Hawaiian bread and a heavenly serving of Hana Apple Banana Butter.

Organic Apple Bananas are sublime; many people's favorite banana. A pleasurable treat for your palate, our organic Hana Apple Banana Butter enhances pastries, sauces, and more.

$10 / 8 ounce jar

Hana Papaya Ginger Butter

Plenty of rich and juicy papaya pulp, organic sugar, organic ginger and organic Meyer Lemon. Yum! Yum!

Enjoy a heavenly serving of our Hana Papaya Ginger Butter. Papaya and ginger can aid digestion. A delicious blend of the finest ingredients with no preservatives or artificial sweeteners.

$10 / 8 ounce jar

Bath Butter
NEW! Organic Dry Rubs

I'm Jim Gregory, the Son-in-Law of ONO Farms founders Charles and Lillian Boerner. My company is I Rub You ~ Organic Dry Rubs. I started making my own Dry Rubs for summer BBQ season after I noticed that almost all commerical dry rubs had MSG as well as many other ingredients that I could not pronounce. All of my dry rubs are made with 100% Certified Organic and/or Sustainably Grown ingredients when ever possible.

Mole de Cocoa Rub

Made with Ono Organic Farms Chocolate. Is a popular Mexican Style Chocolate Spice Rub for Chicken, Pork, Tofu and Seafood. Great in Tacos Enchilada sauce, or Vegetable dip. This is one of my personal Favorites! Contains Hawaiian salt, black pepper, cumin, paprika, organic sugar, garlic, onion, ono organic farms chocolate, cayenne, oregano and lime.

$14 / 2.5 Oz.

Crazy Chicken Rub

Mexican style Citrus & Herb rub for Chicken & Seafood. Makes great Taco, Fajitas, and Grilled Salmon. Contains Hawaiian salt, black pepper, paprika, lemon,onion,garlic, oregano, cilantro, cumin, chilies, organic sugar.

$14 / 2.5 Oz.

Organic Coffee Steak Rub

Made with Ono Organic Farms estate coffee, black pepper, onion, garlic and oregano. Great on meat as well as Salmon.

$14 / 2.5 Oz.

Classic American BBQ Rub

This is my Original BBQ Dry Rub, it makes a great Pulled Pork & Beer Can Chicken also great on Seafood and Home fries. I have been told that this Rub has a flavor reminiscent of Lays BBQ Potato Chips. Contains Hawaiian salt, organic brown sugar, black pepper onion, garlic, mustard, oregano and chili.

$14 / 2.5 Oz.

Whole Bean Coffee and Cacao
New from the farm Ono Farms Roasted Whole Cacao Beans

Our organic cacao is harvested, fermented, dried and roasted at the farm. You can just eat the roasted beans or grind them with your coffee. Yum! Great on ice cream and in cookies.

Choice of 8 Ounce Bag - $25 or 4 Ounce Bag - $15

Choose Size

100% Kipahulu Estate Coffee

Recognized as the "Rolls Royce of Hawaiian Coffee" because "the ride is so smooth." Our certfied organic estate-grown coffee is the finest in the world. You'll appreciate the smooth taste and aromatics. Organically grown in the rich, fertile volcanic soil of Kipahulu, Maui.

Full City Roast* : 100% ONO Organic Coffee. Whole Bean.
*Roasted to the dark side of medium, when the oils first appear.

$39 / 12 ounce bag

ONO Organic Farms Blend Coffee - Dark Roast

Dark Roast: Hand-picked ONO 100% Estate Grown Coffee + Peruvian. Whole Bean.

$18 / 8 ounce bag

Triple Play! Buy 3-Bag Selection of ONO Organic Farms Coffee

One Full City Roast, 100% Estate Grown (12 oz. bag), plus Two Dark Roast Blend (8 oz. bag).

$72 (save $3) for three bags of whole bean organic coffee.

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HOFA Organic
ONO Organic on Maui:
Hana Roadside Market

Buy direct from ONO Organic Farms seven days a week from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. at our roadside market in Hana Town (next to the gas station).

Taste our seasonal, fresh organic produce before you buy, and check out our selection of packaged products, jams, jellies, coffee and chocolate beans available for purchase.

Or, enjoy our weekday afternoon Fruit Tasting & Tour.

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